The Triple Goddess of Childbirth, SAMSIN


The Triple Goddess of Childbirth, SAMSIN

There lived a princess of the Yong Wang (Dragon King, a deity of the sea) who only cause trouble since she grew up privileged in the palace. The Yong Wang gives her the work of Samsin (the goddess of childbirth) and kicks her out to the human world, unable to overcome the harsh resentment from the people. The princess who is not familiar with the work of Samsin, blessed random people(such as a bachelor or a grandmother) with pregnancy and the Emperor Oak(deity of the sky) orders to bring a new Samsin with the continued resentment from the people. The Ambassador Muya takes a decent girl from a country called Myeongjin in the human world to the Emperor Oak.




Pleasant AKDANG

The team ‘Pleasant AKDANG’ aims to produce creative works that reinterpret various elements of the Korean traditions in a unique and colorful way to the public. The team’s mission is to help the audiences “See the Happy Music.”


Production: Jungen Kwak

Playwright: Youngsun Kim

Performer/musician: Kitae Kim

Performer/vocalist: Yuna Kim

Performer: Juyoung Eom

Production Director: Jaeyoun Song

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Music theater

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Phone : 010-2614-0820

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