K-Arts Borderless Festival aims to encourage the exchange of performing arts by presenting various artists from K-Arts to global audiences and strengthen the network of artists, festivals, and venues around the world. If festivals or venues outside Korea wish to invite the artists participating in the K-Arts Borderless Festival to their events or exhibitions, they can apply for the funding support program. When selected, the artists will receive travel allowances or shipping support. The selection committee at K-Arts will review the applications and make decisions on the level of support, and the artists are granted the funding support directly. If you have any questions about the K-Arts Borderless Festival program, feel free to contact us.

Applications Submission

17th, Oct 2022 – 18th, Nov 2022

Selection Process

Nov 2022

Announcement of Results

30th, Nov 2022

Disbursement of Funding Support

Mar – Nov 2023