C’Arte Cello Ensemble Concert


C’Arte Cello Ensemble Concert

The Ensemble wishes to break away from the existing cello ensemble concerts and showcase new sound, expanding to various genres, to better engage with the public. With exceptional new approaches, the team wants its audiences to also feel the joy of seeing how the performances are organized along with the music.



1. E. Morricone – Playing Love (aranżacja Esther Kim)

2. G. Gershwin Medley (aranżacja Eom Kihwan)

3. M. Ravel – Pavane (aranżacja Park Gangjoon)

4. P.I. Czajkowski – La Valse des Fleurs Suit de „Casse-noisette” (aranżacja Samuel Parant)

5. A. Piazzolla – Milonga del Angel (aranżacja Jose Carli / Jaeyoon Lee)

La Muerte del Angel

La Resurreccion del Angel



C’Arte Cello Ensemble

C’Arte Cello Ensemble is a cello ensemble group of Virtuoso, where the next generation of young leading musicians in cello presents programs and performances that will appeal to global audiences beyond Korea. As a messenger to advance classical music, the team aims to deliver the beauty of classical music to broad audience groups. With repertoire of various genres and quality performance and with harmony, the team also endeavors to expand the venue of cello music in Korea.



Gwak Ui Jin

Park Seon Woo

Lee Geun Yup

Cho Eun Hye

Park Sung Geun

Paik Seung Yeon

Jeong Woo Chan

Lee Dong Yeol


Concert Info


August 20th (Thu.) 19:30, 2020


Kwanglim Arts center Jangcheon hall





Contact Info

Gwak Ui Jin

E-MAIL : dmlwls97@nate.com