Yeonhee Group ‘Yeonhwa’ – Sandae, Nori


About the Project

“Sandae, Nori” explores and reinterprets the essence and value of Korean traditional song, music, and dance, with a new performance on stage that combines “Sandae” from the Three Kingdoms Period in Korea (57 BC to 668 AD) with the current technology of media facade. It adds the modern interpretation to the traditional play of “Sandaenori” with new stories, dance, and music. By contemporizing the concept of “Sandae”, audiences will be able to enjoy a new form of creative performance and Korean traditional performing arts, yeonhee.


About the Artist

Yeonhwa is a creative group centered on traditional percussion, instrumental music, and dance. Yeonhwa explores, questions, researches, and restores the traditional rhythm, melody, and spirit, and further conceptualizes the nature of these elements into the production of Korean traditional performing arts. Based on this, it presents creative performances that appeal to contemporary audiences. It also seeks collaboration in various forms and continues to think about Korean traditional performing arts that correspond with the current era.

Concert Info

Project Name/Title

Sandae, Nori


Traditional Music(Gugak)

Running Time

43 minutes

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