Hyun Seon is an artist from Jeju Island who works with photography, performance, sound, and playwriting. She engages the historical as well as ecological issues that affect her hometown of Jeju in poetic ways and warns those looming catastrophes going globally and continuously.
The melancholic response to those collapse is set in a visual narratives.



·‹Saturn, Monochrome› Platform Mortar, Gyeonggi-do 2021
·‹Jeju Lullaby› Gangjeong Village art Museum, Jeju 2018
·‹Tranquilizer› Space291, Seoul 2017
Group exhibition and performance
·‹You, in the Middle of the Rain›, Theater Writer, 17th International Peace Theater Festival in Gwang-ju 2021
·‹Encounter› Šaloun Villa, Prague 2019


HYUN Seon, seonhyun.jeju@gmail.com