Gayageum Ensemble 280

Gayageum Ensemble ‘280’ is comprised of a group of students majoring in Gayageum(Korean traditional twelve-silk-stringed zither) and has been presenting annual subscription concerts since 2008. The group has participated in various festivals and concerts such as ‹Festival of Wind› at K-Arts, ‹Autumn Letters with Gayageum› at Seoul Namsan Gukakdang Indoor Concert, and has been awarded several prizes including silver medal from the 1st Korean University Gugak(Korean traditional music) Festival.



Students majoring in Gayageum, Department of Korean Traditional Music


·Annual subscription concerts
·Solo performance at the ‹2nd Myriad Wave Concert›, organized by Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea
·Bronze medal from the 4th Korean Traditional Chamber Music ‘Art Valley’ Festival sponsored by Haitai Crown, 2012
·Creative Artist Award from the 1st Fusion Korean Traditional Music Festival, 2009
·Silver medal from the 1st Korean University Gugak Festival, 2008


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