K-Arts Borderless Online Festival 2022

Lee Jisoo – CAVE
We believe what we see is what it is. Following a pressure
Would you like to play with the Yeonhee celebrities?
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Unfamiliar traditional music transformed into an easy and fun performance. Meet the
The Triple Goddess of Childbirth, SAMSIN
Listen to an old story that answers children's questions about where life
Yeonhee Group ‘Yeonhwa’ – Sandae, Nori
“Sandae, Nori” explores and reinterprets the essence and value of Korean traditional
Ensemble RealRec & Étoile Saxophone Quartet
The Ensemble plays familiar music for the audience as the general public
Infinity Resonance of Macro Cosmos
It is a multi-art work composed of live performances, electronic music and
WeMu’s Six Stories
Western and Korean instruments are used to create modern music based on


Korea National University of Arts

Piri Ensemble Happy Bamboo
Piri ensemble “Happy Bamboo”, consists of students majoring in piri (double-reed end-blown
My mom asked me to go the college in any case if
Mountain Cloud (Obongdo)
Mountain Cloud is an art film that combines 3D graphics with music
Nightmarish (3D Interactive Animation)
Emmett goes camping with her mother. When she wakes up, Emmett finds
Penpal Kitchen (Narrative VR Game)
Xander was curious about the taste of kimbap, Korean seaweed rice roll,
C’Arte Cello Ensemble Concert
The Ensemble wishes to break away from the existing cello ensemble concerts
LEE Aram
Lee Aram’s research-driven practice reinterprets materials found within institutions, often seeking to
Loop Dreams
Five guys, masters of the yo-yo, decide to quit yo-yoing as they’re